Hair State of Mind

Good hair makes your confidence high, and if your hair is not on point, it drops your self-esteem to zero. At least it happens with me. I got admission to the university, and I always wanted to look different. My hair was falling, and the thickness was dropping day by day. I was searching for the best options but couldn’t able to find one.
I want a keratin treatment for my hair, and I want to change my full hair color, from the base color to the highlights. I met my old friend, and she was looking damn pretty that day because her hair was looking amazing. The color of the hair was so on point, as I always wanted it from the start.

Here comes my experience

I don’t trust anyone with my hair, and I m very consciously about it because one wrong move can destroy my hair. So I was not ready to afford any mishaps on my hair. I asked my friend where she got her hair done. As I was new to San Bernardino, I was not aware of the best salon in town. That’s why I asked her, and she told me about the Norma hair salon in San Bernardino. She recommended me that there is one girl, Risa, and she is super talented.

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